About me

Hi! I’m Pablo Torralba and I’m currently studying the first course of Fundaments of Architecture. As the language I’m writing on revels, I form part of the English group (E).

I am not such a great drawer but I have always like drawing and specially drawing architecture. So maybe that’s the reason why I am just coursing this degree; to learn, enjoy and improve my skills related to architecture. Imagination has grown next to me while I matured and as a result of that I really like going to visit buildings all around the world. I’ve travelled to different places where I had the chance to enrich my architecture knowledge and to compare and to appreciate the diversity of diverse cultures. Just to make a little recap of the places I visited I want to mention: Munich, Carcassonne, Florence and Amsterdam; which are probably the ones that have inspired me the most. Personally I’d like to live for a long period of time on a northern country because of what I ‘ve seen in photographs. It seems to be a more peaceful environment where settle into. And in reference to architecture I think it would be curious to understand nordic’s way to build and to integrate buildings on nature.

There are some good architects I like but this time I’ve chosen this two because I empathize with their words:

“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness” – Frank Gehry.

This sentence means a lot and is full of very claver words. The sentence talks about the progress, everything evolves; so every building of architecture should talk for itself and should be characteristic by its own details, that means we could recognize the time in which the building transports us. That makes sense as architects nowadays face the dilemma of making buildings not just functional, not just representative or characteristic but memorable and timelessness. This means architects provide their buildings so that they can compete with future buildings and they don’t get outdated.

“Architecture is not so much a Knowledge of forms, but a form of Knowledge” – Bernard Tschumi

Easy to understand and concise. This sentence makes it all clear, is not just what seems to be but what it is in reality; what it contains. That reminds me to every building so that is sometimes admired the structure but it is never thought the work that implies and what is behind that structure.

Here I leave some of my works, hope you like them: