U2. Who is the architect?

Architects are thought to design buildings, but they don’t just develop this task as they also project their ideas on the paper to then make them reality, lots of calculations are use also to make great and safe structures and they build constructions which should stay for long times, which means a lot of responsibility. An architect gives a service to society and has also to be aware of people’s necessities so that they are satisfied with ideas that can be adjust to the necessity.

According to a video seen last class, an architect has not the same way to work on the different countries all around the world when studying. For example, exceptionally in USA they have like a room with they called “studio” in which people works in groups developing and creating new projects that eventually are judged by some experts. It’s just not the way they do it but the cosy atmosphere is generated when working cooperatively. At the video was clearly shown that joking and enjoying while working created great results.

Another topic touched along the video was architect’s capacity to change the world. That means, the way an architect thinks should always be sustainable; that is that architects are always in touch with fashion but also with necessities of people and environment. They can change a landscape sight permanently, but they always look for the best for everyone.

To finalize this entry I would like to talk about functional architecture. Nowadays architects need everything to build beautifully and functionally at the same time, so as I am learning how to be an architect I would take in account those helpful things.

Collaborative work
Environmentally friendly constructions