U7. Architecture as Art

As we have already seen in other posts, architecture can be understood as lots of concepts, but in this case, we are going to reflex on what it means to art. First of all, we need to clarify what can be considered as art or at least what includes art. So, we found sculpturing, painting, cinema, music…

Now we all know a little bit more about it let’s go right into it.

As an example of art in buildings we got the Guggenheim Museum as in includes on its inside a lot of valuable pieces of art; that means that the building itself becomes into an art “artefact”

Then, the Hundertwasser house has also became one of the most visited buildings in Viena due to its impacting and colourful façade painted in diverse colours. Here for example is where we can see this relationship between painting and architecture.

Then we got architecture in different time periods and trends so this time not as art but captured from other arts. Here we got different architects with their own works as Le Corbusier with the “Ville Savoye” performing into the purism trend, Hejduk with the wall house moving into elementalism, and some other architects and works whose buildings have become art.

Villa Savoye
Wall House

If we continue looking on in what art is, we saw it reflected on music, cinema and even on paintings. Fra Angelico with the annunciation’s painting, Gary Cooper with the Fountainheads’s film and the “Cathedrale Engloutie” classical song by Debussy; are some of the most iconic examples available all around there. Of course, architecture is not that often tried to be related with those aspects of art but indeed they are not that much visual but interesting.

“cathedrale engloutie”

Finally, we got other types of conception of art such us the room 14 in “Villa de Pompea ” of the basilica of Saint Francis of Assis, as weel as “La Casa Batlló” by Gaudi located in Barcelona

Saint Francis of Assis Basilica
room 14