U1. What is architecture?

Architecture comes because of the necessity or as a solution of an issue. This is just one of the billion possibilities of architecture’s meaning. It is also considered as the art of creating buildings, as a service or even as a way of sustainability. Every definition is accepted, but what is for me achitecture after this lesson?

I understand architecture as the set of knowledge required to construct, build and beautify the environment. Architecture provides you with the skills needed to asume enough responsibility to design a building that will perdure for a lot of years. It allows you to make buildings functional, beautiful, sustainable… by developing its own student’s creativity; and of course by letting them learning some useful calculations to acquire perfection, which in some way is required in architecture as every millimeter counts.

Architecture is often combined with other disciplines as photography or music. There are some exhibitions in which music and architecture are mixed, such us the one we have right now at the ETSA which shows this combination in a video available to watch by everyone. The other discipline mentioned is photography, it seems to be obvious because all online designs we watch are available to us thanks to photography; and even furthermore this has become a profession. There are some architects which loved photography that have pooled both disciplines. And let me tell you that the results are amazing!