U5. Architecture as Technique

Architecture is also shown as the use of materials in accordance that means technology, materials and form are directly related one another.

Architecture can be understood as a technique if we consider aspects such as materials. In this big classification of materials, we can find traditional and modern materials among other classifications. Whereas stone, brick and wood perform as a traditional material, steel, glass and concrete work as modern ones.

Evolution is something appearing everywhere, every time, everyhow; and materials are not the exception that proves the rule. That means, quality, way of use, compose and other factors have been changing and being improved to reach those material’s compositions until those new modern materials finally appeared.

As today’s class teach me, there are many different current ways of building. Prefabricated buildings and houses have appeared creating a boom in the society which refuses not to try these amazing new projects. In another hand we find the rock-cut architecture which is also interesting and fabulous.

Most of the current projects such as the ones mentioned before are carried out with CAD programs or BIM modelling apps. which nowadays have become essential when designing due to their help and results.

Furthermore, aesthetic has also been taken in account these days so is an aspect to look at directly but without forgetting the bases of architecture.

Architecture is not just what we have said before but a real challenge, and really some architects have decided to challenge physics with some abstract and insane constructions that blow minds. These means that new methodology and new ways of constructing’s are being created and need to be considered when crating those beasts of the architecture.

And if we take a glance of the interior goals of the facilities no one will reply to me that renewable energy, networks, telecommunications…. have become imprescindible and should be settled every time to achieve a successful result.

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new materials by modulus
physically risky