It is mostly known that container houses have become an ideal alternative for people and every day more, they are increasingly getting deep into the market. From those American TV programmes that seem to influence people to continue with this way out, to ordinary people every day traying to enclose themselves to trends or to new technologies. But do they really are a good choice as we are told?

There are mainly three factors that put on the tightrope these container buildings: size, price and waste.

  • Let’s start with size. They are roughly measuring 2’43m long, and due to the insulating factor, they get even smaller on the interior part as this stuff is used to avoid hazards and rough weather among other things. At the end we get a narrow space that even combining various containers would end up with non-comfortable corridors and stances. Moreover, they are made of steel so, even those insulation stuff put, on winter becomes a cold place to live and in contrast, summer uses to be extremely warm.
  • Now moving to the economical part, containers are not that much easy to decorate or remodulate as they have predeterminate measures that difficult the task of getting interior stuff that fits on this tiny space. Furthermore, and as we talked before, it’s difficult to insulate container homes properly, leading to high energy bills for the homeowner that’s living there.
  • Finally, we get into the waste and polluting part. It should be considered the fact that container homes are not particularly eco-friendly. The materials used to build a container requires a significant amount of energy to be produced. 

Of course, container houses will have some benefits and maybe for some people could be a great option, but they are mostly not viable nowadays. So, the feedback received told us that they are overrated, and this is mostly because of the TV programmes that make it feel so easy, BUT DEFINITELY IT IS NOT.

Moving of the container house
TV show